Technology Stack

We choose technologies after reviewing your business needs. From simple solution to a complex solution, we use myriad of technologies to deliver a secure, scalable, fast and robust product. We are technologies enthusiast and also like to explore new and emerging technologies. Below is the list of technologies we work on:

  • ­OS: Linux, Windows
  • ­Programming Language: PHP, C#
  • ­Web Server: Apache, IIS, Tomcat, Node.js
  • ­Frontend: HTML 5, Javascript, jQuery, React, AngularJS
  • ­Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server
  • ­Desktop App: Node Webkit
  • ­CMS: AEM, WordPress, Magento, Ning
  • ­Archive: Collective Access (Providence, Pawtucket)
  • ­Framework: CodeIgniter, Zend, Laravel
  • ­Versioning: BitBucket
  • ­ERP: Eclipse
  • ­Cloud: AWS, GCP
  • ­APIs: Amazon SES, Amazon Gift Card, FaceBook, Google, SendGrid, NPD, CIC, Experian, TransUnion, USPS, Eclipse, Exotel, UPS, CHR
  • ­Payment Gateway: PayPal, Stripe, CCAvenue, ZaakPay, PayU, HDFC, ICICI
  • ­Hosting Panel:   cPanel, Plesk, VestaCP
  • ­Project Management:   Lighthouse

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